Endocrinologia e pesquisa sobre diabetes

Relationship between inhomogeneity of thyroid parenchyma and diabetes

Serra Roberta 1.Menicagli Roberto 2

Diseases of the thyroid gland and diabetes mellitus can often be associated with the same patient. A situation of clinical hypothyroidism is often correlated to the ultrasound finding of inhomogeneity of the thyroid parenchyma that can affect glucose tolerance The purpose of this study is to verify whether this correlation exists between this ultrasound finding and increased glycemic level. Inhomogeneity is the degree of lack of homogeneity, for example the fractional deviation of the local magnetic field from the average value of the field. Inhomogeneities of the static magnetic field, produced by the scanner as well as by object susceptibility, is unavoidable in MRI. Inhomogeneity of the thyroid is not terribly unusual and is usually found when an ultrasound examination of the gland is performed. This is the most sensitive test for it, although it may also be seen on CT scan or nuclear scanning of the thyroid.